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Sri Nagapooshani Amman Temple
Temple Hall


Brahme Muhurte Uttishteth, Swastho Rakshartham Ayushah
Bhavasinam nishtura vakya, Bhashinam suryodaye, Chasthamayecha sayinam.

Welcome... From a mile away you could be transformed into a mood of gaiety. The gate posts of the wedding hall are adorned by full grown plantain trees, signifying evergreen plenty for endless generations. Overhead festoons of mango leaves and screw pine petals signify the never fading relationship to begin here. Notes of Nadaswaram are heard loud and clear. This wind pipe instrument played in all temple festivals signifies that the union made here is sacred and divine.

VivAha prakaraNaM (The Hindu marriage mantras) (RealAudio Player)